A Fun and Precise Way to Improve Your Timing

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DrumTime is a Mac App that works with your electronic drum kit or any MIDI-enabled percussion device. DrumTime analyzes what you are playing and gives you visual cues about your timing; in real time.

Requires OSX 10.6 or higher. Modern graphics card recommended.

App has been discontinued and can be downloaded for free using the link above.

Device Support

DrumTime listens to MIDI input, so it works with any MIDI-enabled instrument. If your device supports MIDI over USB you can plug it in directly; if not, you can use a MIDI to USB interface cable.

Very Low Latency

Tapping directly into the advanced audio features of Mac OS, DrumTime was designed with low latency in mind. With a good cable, latency is below 10ms. Learn more about latency here.

Highly Configurable

While DrumTime is pre-configured for a standard drum kit, you can easily assign MIDI signals to different tracks, rename and reorder tracks and add as many tracks as you can fit on the screen.

Track Your Progress

A real-time score shows you how you are doing. Challenge yourself by reducing the metronome frequency or muting the metronome completely.

Custom Click Sound

Award-winning sound engineer, Hugo Verweij, went to great lengths to create the perfect click sound for a metronome. Read more about it here.

Easy to Use

DrumTime's clear and focused interface, built-in help and tutorial will get you started in no time.

Simply hook up your MIDI-enabled device

DrumTime will automatically detect MIDI devices connected to your Mac - including software devices. You can even use more than one at the same time.

Since the metronome sound will play from your Mac, you have several options to hear all sounds from the same speaker or headphone.

  • You can use the audio-out of your kit or device and connect it to your Mac.
  • If your kit or device has an audio-in you can connect the audio-out of your Mac to your device.
  • You can use some software on your Mac to generate the sounds for your kit or device

Taking Latency Seriously

To ensure minimal latency we put our app to the test. We created a setup that allows DrumTime to 'march' to its own drum, literally!

Our test rig consisted of a common electronic drum sensor (a piezo element, if you're curious) attached to a speaker and connected to a drum computer. When the metronome is played in DrumTime, it causes the speaker to vibrate, triggering the sensor and thereby simulating a drum being hit.

Since we knew down to the millisecond when each click should be played, we were able measure the time between the click and when the sensor sent a MIDI signal back to the app. We found this delay to be highly consistent at just below 10ms.

Easy to Use and Configurable

Besides allowing you to configure tracks to match your kit or device, DrumTime's interface lets you focus on practicing. Hit the spacebar to start and stop playing. An optional count-in gives you time to get set.

Naturally, you can adjust the tempo, either by typing in the exact BPM or by simply scrolling. Also choose from a wide variety of time signatures - how about broadening your repertoire by tackling 13/8 time? If you get stuck, there is always the built-in help function and tutorial to fall back on.